Painless Exercises for Back Problems

85% of Americans have back-related problems.  My initial experience with back problems was when I was demonstrating  to my students a rowing technique. I tried to impress them by making the weights heavier than I should have.  It was the same weight as my body weight, pulling it in a bent over position.  I started feeling nauseous, and the room starting turning black.

My next experience was doing squats that were twice my body weight.  Many years down the road I found out that my disc in my back slipped, causing pain while I was in certain positions.  I was diagnosed to have Spondylolisthesis. I found Pilates as my exercise of choice for my back care.  I’ve been a personal trainer for 22 yrs. Pilates is a whole new paradigm shift for me.  I have now been practicing Pilates for 3 years and am a certified Stott Pilates Instructor.  I want to share the benefits of Pilates, especially to men who would benefit the most from this type of training.


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